Wakelet Schools Program

Empower your school community with the Wakelet Schools Program. Help teachers and students learn, grow, and collaborate together to achieve amazing results!

Why join the program?

Bring the power of curation, organization, and collaboration to your learning community. As a Wakelet School, you’ll receive the following.
  • Priority Support

    Dedicated technical support from the Wakelet Team.

  • Special Training

    Online sessions and training from Wakelet for your staff.

  • Recognition

    Get featured on The Wakelet School Showcase for our community.

  • Community Access

    Connect to the Global Wakelet Education Community.

  • Fast-tracked applications

    We'll fast-track you and your teachers through the Wakelet Community Program.

  • Exclusive Swag

    Receive free Wakelet merchandise and an exclusive Wakelet School pack.

How to join the program

Coordinate training for teachers in your school, helping everyone get the most out of the platform.


Appoint up to five staff members in your school as Wakelet Community Leaders.

Install the Wakelet Browser Extension across all school devices.

Complete training for teachers in your school, so everyone can make the most of Wakelet.

Create a Wakelet Profile for your school, and showcase examples of how your school is using the platform.

“At Kamla Nehru Public School, 1,600+ students and 90 teachers have adopted Wakelet for Remote Learning. Creating student portfolios, student performance reports, teacher testimonials, student kindness stories, and student SDG Global Week celebrations. What a wonderful Wakelet Journey!” Paramjeet Kaur Dhillon Kamla Nehru Public School, Phagwara

Empower your school, inspire your community

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