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The Wakelet Schools Program

A simple and effective way for your school to inspire leadership, create inclusive learning environments, and promote a collaborative community culture.

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Why Join The Program?

The Wakelet Schools Program will enhance your School Community in 3 key areas:

Visionary Leadership

Supporting your school in improving communications, creativity, critical thinking, computational thinking, citizenship, curation, and community building

Personalised & Inclusive Learning Environments 

Empowering opportunities for personalized and inclusive learning for students across all content areas and grade levels 

Community Culture

Helping demonstrate meaningful integration with the Wakelet platform, supporting learning standards and school/district initiatives.

Help your school achieve amazing things!

Nominated School Leaders become Wakelet Certified and official accredited Wakelet Community Leaders

Empower your students to become 21st century leaders through the Wakelet Student Ambassador Program

Join exclusive Wakelet webinars and PD sessions for your school community

Showcase the amazing work, projects and initiatives happening in your school

Elevate your professional development and become a key leader in your school

Meet and connect with other empowered schools across the world 

Wakelet Showcase Schools

Becoming a Wakelet Showcase School is an opportunity to further showcase the amazing work of your school community and connect with other high performing schools from around the world 

Receive global recognition 

Connect with schools from around the world and build your network!

Receive an exclusive Wakelet swag pack for you and your school! 

Every Wakelet School can apply to become a Wakelet Showcase School. You can see how we determine a Wakelet school from a Showcase school with our rubric here.

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"We knew Wakelet was a powerful tool, but we never expected the #WakeletWave to have such a positive impact on the collaborative culture of our school. Teachers collaborated, and shared what they learned, as well as powerful ideas they had for using Wakelet in the classroom."


Stormy Daniels Duran Elementary School

Empower your school, inspire your community!

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